Sound Of The City [Autumn] Selections


1. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong- Under A Blanket Of Blue
2. Moods- Live Today
3. Claudio Medeiros e Victor m- Soar x
4. Jerzy Milian Orkiestra- Gacek
5. Ted Coleman Band- What A Lovely Way To Spend A Lifetime
6. Bobby Womack- How Could You Break My Heart
7. The Crusader- Rainbow Visions
8. Bill Evans- Tenderly
9. Cortex- Prelude A (60 Round)
10. Hilton Felton- Be Bop Boogie
11. Blue Magic- Maybe Just Maybe
12. Hermeto Pascoal- Canção de Fim de Tarde

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Contempo Style

Some *new* videos I’m really feeling:

I really need a camera crew…

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Back To The Boogie Down

80 Blocks From Tiffany’s is a 1979 documentary about The Savage Skulls & Savage Nomads, and to some degree The Black Spades some of the biggest gangs in The Bronx durring the 70’s. The film follows some of the people of the community as they discuss the gangs and overall poor conditions of their neighborhood at a time when it was it it’s worst.

Those knowledgeable on the development of hip-hop know how Afrika Bambatta was down with The Black Spades before he picked up his records, and began to create the Zulu Nation. This is an important document of an important point in NYC history, as well as musically as well. My favorite part is the neighborhood block party at the end where everyone forgets all the bullshit and has a really good time. Check out some of the classic underground disco joints.

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Pure Style

Words can’t express the sheer flyness in play right here…

Early Soul Train Line

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Natural High

Caught Jackie Brown, with the legendary Pam Grier again today, a flick with it’s obvious & beautiful blaxploitation influence. Reminded me of this Bloodstone joint…imagine falling in love at a time when this was popular music. Also, take note of the extreme fly style.

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West Africa: Nyama & Djeli

Got up on two more new documentaries, both dealing with African musics: Nyama, which is studies the parallels between griot culture and modern hip-hop, and Djeli, which chronicles Malian Orchestras of the 60’s & 70’s. Very highly recommended if you can catch ’em.

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City Dreams: Downtown Calling & Blank City

Just caught the trailer for Downtown Calling, a documentary from 2009 about my favorite place, at my favorite time: NYC ’77-’85. It seems to highlight all the various aspects of the newly emerging culture of that time (disco, punk, hip-hop, art, film, ect.), in other words…it looks to be real dope.

Another recent doc about late 70’s NYC is Blank City. This one is focused on independent film, featuring many of the important directors & actors of that time.

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